customisable,facile a installer, innovante, cross-browser

qu'est ce que c'est ?

Horinaja is a slide-show ready-to-use for scriptaculous/prototype or jQuery.
you have an example on top

Horinaja is innovant because he use your mouse wheel for a best navigation.

when the user are outside, your page scroll too, horinaja scroll when user are hover this :)

comment ├ža marche ?

Horinaja is a slider.
if you want, horinaja create a pagination.

when you use mouse wheel , the scroll slide.

en savoir plus ?

I'm D.Massiani, i developpe this class for me and i decided to publish this.

You can see my blog here :

You can get the free version here : horinaja

  1. - two buttons, left and right, customizable and configurable.
  2. - appear and fade at hover of pagination.
  3. - <ol> or <ul> list.
  4. - add "active" class to pagination
  5. - disappear to horinaja content on page loaded
  6. - include horinaja needed script (not framework)